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Fisher’s Timber Preservation Pty Ltd ABN 62 085 235 598 (Fishers) hereby warrants that TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber products will prevent termite attacks and/or fungal decay resulting to structural damage.

The following table identifies the specific guarantee period by treatment level, preservatives used and application:

Specific ApplicationGuarantee Period

Inside above ground –
e.g. Structural materials,
Framing, plywood flooring
25 years
(insect attack only)

(Clear and Green tint)
Above ground vertical exposure; General use.

Above ground horizontal exposure e.g. Decking*
(300mm above ground including vegetation and water sources)

25 years
(insect attack and/or fungal decay)


* H3 Azole treated decking needs an approved proprietary brand protective coating on installation and re-applied every 12 months. Non-compliance will void the warranty.

Fishers offer to replace TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product if it is substantially damaged by termites and/or decay within guarantee period of processing by Fishers. The limited warranty covers the purchaser of TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product.


The warranty is limited to the replacement of the damaged TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product.  It does not extend to reimbursement of labour costs in removing and replacing damaged products, any loss or damage caused by the damaged product, or any other loss or damage associated with the damaged product.

The warranty does not cover damage which is only aesthetic in nature.  Fishers will not replace TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber products if the damage to the product is not substantial, or if the product is aesthetically damaged but still structurally sound.


In the case of solid timber the warranty applies. With engineered wood product, no responsibility can be applied when moisture contents of products used in the open or in ground can vary with detrimental effect on the glue line which we cannot be responsible for.

This warranty does not apply to products which have been:

  1. used for a purpose other than the product was intended (as set out in Australian Standard 1604);
  2. installed other than in accordance with any relevant building code;
  3. exposed to salt water (except for freeway sound barrier panelling).

Except where Fishers has agreed in writing to the contrary, this guarantee does not apply unless all TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product is treated in its final shape and form. TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product that has been rip sawn, re-sized, required additional machining or had its original dimensions altered in any way must be re-treated with an appropriate timber preservative.


In order to claim under this warranty, the purchaser must:

  • Retain the stamp (sawn end of timber) or tag of the product (as contemplated by Australian Standard 1604) and provide the stamp or tag to Fishers for validation purposes together with a Certificate of Treatment and dated sales invoice providing proof of purchase within 30 days of the purchaser becoming aware of the damage. The purchaser will bear any costs associated with claiming the warranty.
  • Provide Fishers or their nominated representative access to the property to inspect the alleged termite attack and/or fungal decay to the TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated timber product prior to removal or repair.

Failure to comply with these requirements may void this warranty.

Fishers is not liable for any loss or damage (however caused, including by the negligence of Fishers) suffered by the purchaser of a TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated product, or any other person, in connection with a TRU-CORE Wood For Life® treated product other than as set out in this warranty.  This warranty and the prior sentence do not limit any statutory rights of any person that cannot be limited or excluded by law, and exists in addition to other rights and remedies under relevant law in relation to the goods and services to which the warranty relates.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Except to the extent set out in this document or as otherwise required by law, all entitlements referred to in the above paragraph are to be claimed against the vendor of the goods as contemplated by the Australian Consumer Law.

Treated Timber 25 year warranty
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