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Guide for Treatment

Fisher’s Timber Treatment Pre-treatment Instructions for Customers


Please review Fisher’s Pre-treatment Instructions for Customers to understand the wood preservation process at Fisher’s. You can also download the Pre-treatment Instructions for Customers or contact the Fisher’s team if you have further questions.


Please identify the following in your purchase order:

  1. Timber species (Eg. Victorian Ash, Radiata Pine)
  2. Timber product (Eg. LVL, Glulam, Plywood)
  3. Timber dimensions & length
  4. Total Volume – LM/M3

Mixed Thickness:

If packs requiring treatment are comprised of mixed thickness pieces, eg. 75mm & 35mm, they must be separated.  Mixed thickness cannot be treated together as schedules/ uptakes are different.

End seal:

End-seal must be applied to all hardwood, glu-lam and LVL beams prior to H3 treatment to ensure even distribution of preservative chemicals.  Fisher’s can apply end-seal if requested for a small charge.


  • Optimum pack size is 1100 height x 1200 width x 1 (maximum).
  • Plastic staples recommended for treated timber.
  • Plastic strapping only to be used – no steel strapping.
  • SAWDUST to be removed – blown off from between beams and drill holes.
  • DO NOT put sticky tape on the timber when packing.


Fisher’s check all product as part of our Quality system requirements before treatment.

Customers are alerted to the following issues with their product using our “Authority to Proceed/Cease Timber Preservation” form:

  • Damaged boards
  • Blue stain / Sapstain (may result in higher uptake of chemical than normal)
  • Stains / Marks (timber must be clean)
  • Kiln dried timber only (not green)
  • Moisture content must be under 20%
  • Decay
  • Mould


  • Timber layers in packs need to be separated by gluts/binders/dividers to allow appropriate penetration of treatment chemicals.
  • Gluts/binders MUST be the same material as timber to be treated (E.g. Hardwood with hardwood).
  • Bearers MUST be the same material as timber to be treated, e.g. Hardwood bearers for hardwood pack or pine bearers which have already been H3 treated and can be re-used.
  • Bearers MUST be the same size in one pack – minimum 45mm high.
  • Bearers and gluts MUST NOT be made of compressed board (as this product is like a sponge and the uptakes are way too high).
Fishers Timber Treatment Guide
Fishers Timber Treatment Product Download