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Industries & Applications

Timber treatment that instills confidence across a vast range of industries and applications.


Servicing hardwood, softwood and other wood products for timber sawmills, wholesalers, specifiers, builders and architects.

Our timber treatment approach and processing, has supported a multitude of Australian industries and applications to suit outside above ground and inside above ground applications, structural timber needs, decking, exterior cladding and much more.

Building & Specification

Suitable for outside above-ground applications. Low-odour and treated to last.

Wholesalers & Sawmills

Certified for peace of mind when using Fisher’s Timber Treatment solution on engineered wood products for distribution.


Highly durable, safe to use and protected to the core, makes for a versatile and long-lasting build.

Fisher’s strive to deliver innovative technologies and treatment applications that not only preserve the wood, yet protect it right down to the core.

Utilising TRU-CORE Wood for Life® treatment technology to deliver unsurpassable quality, flexibility in use and manufacturing, as well as confidence in structure and longevity.

Fisher’s Timber Treatment is renowned for its innovation in wood treatment across Australia.

Much of Australia has been built with timber treated by Fisher’s Timber Treatment. Engineered wood products have been protected with the superior qualities of the TRU-CORE® process for over 60 year’s.

Fisher’s have been servicing a multitude of Australian industries with timber treatment needs for their projects. We treat a range of timber to suit outside above ground applications, structural timber, decking, exterior cladding and much more.

So, why choose Fisher’s for your next project?


Our timber treatment and preservation process treats timber to the core, making engineered and other timber ideal for domestic or commercial use, and for above-ground applications.


Our treatment processes meet AS1604 Standard and backed by a 25 Year Warranty to deliver the highest quality product for maximum durability within the Australian climate.


Engineered wood products are protected right down to the glue line and not just on the surface. This makes for a superior treated product for versatility and peace of mind, ensuring your project or your client’s project stands the test of time.


TRU-CORE Wood For Life® is the most advanced wood treatment technology in the world. Designed to protect engineered wood for extended versatility and longevity.