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Environmental Policy

The Fisher’s Environmental Policy is designed to:


Invest in a more sustainable future for our timber treatment industry

Fisher’s care about the environment and do all we can to protect it.


Fisher’s therefore process timber using treatment solutions safe for commercial, industrial use and for the environment.


Fisher’s Timber Treatment adheres to a strict environmental policy, and are committed toward environmental sustainability. We are actively minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, through efficient and streamlined operations.

The Fisher’s environmental policy and its guidelines, ensure our application to our processes, are in the best interest of the environment and toward a sustainable future. Our team actively practice such guidelines to aide the company in achieving its sustainability goals, and we ensure this by:

  • treating timber with water-based solutions
  • sourcing natural and organic alternatives to our processes
  • adhere to environmental legislation and regulatory requirements
  • recycle our waste into renewable products
  • incorporate fuel and energy efficient practices
  • control the safe handling of treatment applications
  • minimising our electricity requirement from outside sources utilising our 100kw solar energy system

Fishers Timber Treatment Elimate Waste


Eliminate waste by evaluating operations, exploring other opportunities and ensuring our overall approach is as efficient as possible. This minimises long-term impact to the environment.

Fishers Timber Treatment Inernal Recycling


Fisher’s actively promote recycling internally, by ensuring our waste can be used in creating other renewable products. This helps to ensure waste is minimised, and contributes to a greener footprint.

Fishers Timber Eco Friendly


We always source solutions with consideration to environmental impact. Our mission is to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution at Fisher’s Timber Treatment, and within the timber industry overall.

Fishers Timber Treatment Legislation


Our processes meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to Fisher’s Timber Treatment. We ensure our treatment processes are beneficial for all, including that of our customers and their environmental contribution.