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Levels of Treatment

Levels of Treatment:


View the table below to understand the levels of treatment, typical uses and solutions.
If you would like more information on the levels of treatment, please visit the Timber Preservers Association of Australia website.

H1 Inside, above ground Completely protected from the weather and well ventilated and protected from termites Lyctid Borer Framing, flooring, furniture, interior joinery Not available

Inside, above ground

Protected from wetting, Nil leaching

Borers and termites Framing, flooring, structural materials, plywood flooring, lintel, bearers, joists and beams, used in dry situations H2 Tru-Core Red
H3 Outside, above ground Subject to periodic moderate wetting and leaching Moderate decay, borers and termites LVL/Plywood (glue-line treatment), decking, posts, framing, hand rails, subfloor timbers, joists, fascia, window componentry, weatherboards, cladding, pergolas, veranda, door frames and sills H3 Tru-Core Green
H3 Tru-Core Clear
H4 Outside,
in-ground contact
Subject to severe wetting and leaching Severe decay, borers and termites Highway noise attenuation walls (plywood), subfloor timbers, fence posts, greenhouses, pergola posts (in-ground) and landscaping timbers Not available
H5 Outside, in-ground contact, contact with or in fresh water Subject to extreme wetting and leaching and/or where the critical use requires a higher degree of protection Very severe decay, borers and termites Retaining walls, piling, house stumps, building poles, cooling tower fill Not available
H6 Marine waters Subject to prolonged immersion in sea water Marine wood borers and decay Boat hulls, marine piles, jetty cross bracing Not available

Additional Information:

Australian-Standards Compliant: The TRU-CORE® Process is used to treat timber to meet the AS1604, H2 treatment standard. To meet this treatment Standard the TRU-CORE® Process has been used to apply the well-known preservative Permethrin. Refer to AS1604, H2 for penetration requirements. The TRU-CORE® Process provides greater penetration for durability.