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Fisher’s Timber Treatment for superior timber preservation


Providing protection to the core with superior treatment technologies across a range of wood species using the TRU-CORE® Process

Much of Australia has been built with timber supplied by Fisher’s Timber Treatment. Our superior wood treatment process has been servicing sawmills and wholesalers with superior wood products engineered for many uses, for over 60 year’s.

Fisher’s Timber Treatment has led the way in timber-treated innovation by ensuring surface to core protection for longevity, strength and utmost protection.

Our timber treatment offers:


Superior durability

Our treatment processes meet AS1604 Standard and backed by a 25Yr Warranty to deliver the highest quality product for maximum durability within the Australian climate.

Versatility in applications

Treated for use across multiple applications. Ideal for building, architecture and specifiers, wholesale and more.

An environmentally safe alternative

The TRU-CORE® timber treatment solution is water-based for safe use and peace of mind. The solution does not contain VOC’s or many other harmful chemicals.

Treatment protection for a variety of species

Using the TRU-CORE® Process, Fisher’s are able to treat common species such as Radiata Pine, Victorian Ash, Red & White Baltic Pine and Douglas Fir/Oregon.

Total core protection

The TRU-CORE® Process is a chemically-based process for rapidly delivering globally accepted wood preservatives and insecticides deep into the wood’s core.

Freedom for commercial use

Our timber treatment preservation treats timber to the core. This makes engineered timber and other timber types, ideal for domestic or commercial structure.

Our Process x

  • 1. Assessment
  • 2. Treatment Process Begins
  • 3. Delivering the treatment solution
  • 4. Pressurization & penetration
  • 5. Final vacuum & testing
Upon reciept of the timber by the client, the timber is inspected for damage, measured and weighed. The client is consulted as to the intended use of the treated timber and the appropriate solution required. Fisher's use the TRU-CORE Wood for Life® Process, a water-based treatment that offers the highest wood preservation technology for Australia's harsh climate. Solutions include H2 TRU-CORE Red® (Permethrin), H3 Azole Clear Timbertreat™A or H3 Azole Green Timbertreat™A to ensure the highest treatment for its inteded use, be it above-ground, for construction or domestic structures.
The Fisher's Timber Treatment process begins with the untreated wood being inserted into the treatment cylinder. In this step, the air inside the cylinder is removed by the vacuum pump. The vacuum pressure process is used to treat timber to meet the AS1604.
Once the air has been vacuumed from the cylinder, the treatment solution can be transferred into the chamber. The timber is treated using the TRU-CORE Wood for Life® solution.
The TRU-CORE® solution is a water-based formulation and is used to fully penetrate the wood to the core, including glue lines. The solution is forced deep into the wood using the pressurized force. This will ensure no termite attacks, nor borers, and the flexibility to manufacture and manipulate the wood without risking decay or insect attack, as there is no exposed timber that is untreated, at any point.
Once the treatment solution has ben delivered and the pressure cycle is complete, the remaining timber treatment solutions will be transferred back to its storage tank and a final vacuum will begin. Once the vacuum is complete, the treated timber will be removed and tested to ensure satisfactory penetration of the solution, and the process concludes.

Family-owned & operated

Fisher’s Timber Treatment has been operating as wood treatment specialists and treatment innovators in Morwell, Victoria since 1960.

Environmentally conscious

Fisher’s not only strive to deliver exceptional products to the market, they also strive to deliver products safe for those who use it, and the environment.

Market-leading approach

Fisher’s Timber Treatment offers an innovative process to timber preservation in Australia using the TRU-CORE® Process.

State-of-the art facilities

Fisher’s not only strive to deliver exceptional products to the market, they also strive to deliver products safe for those who use it, and the environment.

Putting people first

Utilising superior water-based timber treatment solutions ensures there is no need for volatile solvents or use of other harmful chemicals.

Versatile treatment applications

Fisher’s Timber Treatment process offers certified hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products for sawmills, wholesalers, specifiers, builders and architects.

Australian and family-owned wood treatment specialist for over 60 years

Our Vision

Our vision is to help build Australia with confidence, whilst minimising environmental impact. We aim to service the needs of our customers and help them adjust to meet changing requirements.
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Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, quality products and reliable service to our customers.” – Lewis Fisher, Managing Director
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