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H2 Red Permethrin

H2 Red Treated Wood Preservation using the Tru-Core® Process


The H2 Tru-Core® Red (Permethrin) treatment is ideal for structural inside above ground use. Its treatment process is capable of protecting timber from termite attacks and borers in interior above ground applications as well as in hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products.

H2 TRU-CORE Red treated timber is penetrated through sapwood and heartwood and does not contain harmful chemicals such as solvent.

Offering a 25 year guarantee from insect attacks

H2 Red (Permethrin) Wood Treatment is an ideal treatment process for a variety of applications such as:

  • Framing
  • Bearers & Bracing
  • Structural materials (All sizes)
  • Plywood
  • Engineered Wood Products e.g: Plywood, Joists, LVL Beams & Joists

Treatable Timber Species

Treatable Timber Species include Radiata Pine and other softwood species and hardwood species according to AS1604.1 for timber products.

Radiata Pine

Victorian Ash

Red & White Baltic Pine

Douglas Fir / Oregon

Treated Timber 25 year warranty
Tru-Core Timber Treatment


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Treatment Process

The Tru-Core®Process (Patented and Patents Pending) can be used to fully penetrate many different types of wood products. This treatment process can also be used to penetrate heartwood, “hard to treat” wood species, and the multiple glue lines of engineered wood products. The Tru-Core® Process can be used to treat wood while maintaining wood product properties and the low water uptakes during treatment assist with meeting end product wood product moisture specifications. The Tru-Core® Process provides either in- line or batch treatment options for wood product manufacturers. Timber treated with this process is commonly identified with a light red or pink colour tint.

Additional Information:

Australian-Standards Compliant: The Tru-Core ® Process is used to treat timber to meet the AS1604.1 H2 treatment standard. To meet this treatment Standard the Tru-Core ® Process has been used to apply the well-known preservative Permethrin. Refer to AS1604.1 H2 for penetration requirements. The Tru-Core ® Process provides greater penetration for durability.